Braiden Wood Live In Manila | May 2014

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What school do you go to?

Somewhere in Quezon City. :—)

honey im swear im not trying to be mean but please don't post things you aren't 100% about. like Braiden's concert. you might know its happening but you don't know the details and he hasn't officially announced it. Im pretty sure he has no idea that some fans know already and what happens when he sees people talking about it? and if the venue did say something then ok, but you seem to be the only one who knows. remember its his concert and he should be able to announce and promote it as he wants

Hi, I understand you. But please do wait for announcements for the next few days. :)

did you get the Braiden poster from a venue?? im confused as to why you have it if he hasn't announced it????? :/ sorry just reeeeeaaally confused

Hi, that’s an official poster. Please Wait for announcements within the next few days.

Live and unplugged. Save the date!

Wait, where did you get that poster with Braiden on it that says "Manila 2014"??? What is Manila 2014? Is it a real show? When is it? Did Braiden say Something about it? Omg I'm confused

Hi! The poster is an official teaser poster. Please wait for the official announcement soon. :-)

First teaser poster for Braiden Wood’s first headline show!! Let’s all support him! More details TBA soon!! Stay tuned everyone! :)


Toby tracking vocals… Opera style” - Before You Exit

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oh connor… stop. 

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